Weekly Sales Review is Back

By: Mark Wisterman

Here we are once again, meeting to review the past week’s market activity of Oroville home sales in the Lake Oroville real estate market.

There is not much out of the ordinary to report this week.  The only interesting statistic in this chart concerns the number “distressed” sales (bank owned or short sales) that have taken place 2 of the last 3 weeks. With only one of these sales last week and just 2 of them 2 weeks ago it will be interesting going forward to see if this is an early sign of a trend developing in the sale of Oroville homes or if it is just a temporary slowdown. The next few weeks will tell.

In a recent post on our office Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/RealtyWorld.CA  I commented about the perception some buyers, and quite frankly their agents, have about prices in today’s Lake Oroville real estate market.  The comment being that there is no factual basis for anyone to make a blanket statement that everything is selling for more that asking price.  In fact for the 4 years that I have been tracking Oroville home sales there have been only 4 weeks where the average sales price has exceeded the average listing price. And not one, I repeat, NOT ONE of those weeks has occurred in 2013. In fact, the average sales price to listing price ratio is pretty much within historic norms. That is certainly not to say that some homes have not sold for more that asking price, because they have. My point here is that, as a buyer in the Oroville real estate market, you need to be sure you are fully informed about what the market is actually doing. It is easy to get sucked into the real estate hype. But do not feel bad if you do because many who work in the industry get sucked into it to. The reason: They do not take time to actually look at the numbers.

Lucky for you, you have this Lake Oroville real estate market blog site to help you stay on top of the numbers.


MLS Stats for Oroville Area Week Ending Week Ending Week Ending % Change
5/2/2013 5/9/2013 5/16/2013 Previous Week
# of Total Sales 10 13 10 -23.08%
# REO/Short Sales Sold (SS) 2 7 1 -85.71%
% Sales that are REO/SS 20.00% 53.85% 10.00% -81.43%
Avg. List Price $132,430 $141,500 $138,350 -2.23%
Avg. Sold Price $127,195 $130,244 $132,445 1.69%
Sold Price % of Listing Price 96.05% 92.05% 95.73% 4.01%
Avg. Days On The Market 57 96 94 -2.08%
Total Sales Volume $1,271,950 $1,693,169 $1,456,900 -13.95%
# of Single Family Listings 151 158 156 -1.27%
# Foreclosed On Market 17 21 20 -4.76%
% of Foreclosed on Market 11.26% 13.29% 12.82% -3.54%
# Short Sales on Market 9 6 8 33.33%
% Short Sales on Market 5.96% 3.80% 5.13% 35.04%
Days of Inventory Left 106 85 109


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A Market of Higher Lows

My intent today was to report the weekly sales of the Lake Oroville real estate market to you for last week.

But during my number crunching I realized that it  has been a while since I had updated my charts that I have been using to track the monthly and annual Lake Oroville home sales

After updating these charts I noticed an interesting long term trend in one of the charts that I thought you needed to see. From past blog posts, you all know that I do not take the  month to month numbers that are released into the media on an ongoing basis as important as what has happened over longer periods of time. I think the media is far too focused on what this month did compared to that month, which in turn has focused the consumer on the very same thing.  This narrow focus is what I believe is going to cause many buyers to miss  the great opportunities that currently abound in the marketplace as far as prices and interest rates are concerned. 

Now before you get excited, thinking this is another one of those real estate blogs posts that tells you to BUY NOW!!!!, let me tell that it is not. This market is going to provide great buying opportunities, for those of you that still have jobs in this economy, for the foreseeable future.   What I am telling you is to look at this chart and see for yourself what this Lake Oroville real estate market is whispering to you. When looking at a chart like this most people look at the peaks to see how high things have gone. What I suggest that you look at here is the lower side of this chart. The former stock broker in me says ignore what is happening in the high side and pay close attention to what is happening on the low side. In the stock broker world a stock that showed a trend of higher lows was one to pay attention to and was a good signal that the stock was poised to move to higher highs.  (Click Here or on the Chart to Enlarge)

As indicated on this chart, Continue reading

More Services To Help Navigate The Market

One of  the great benefits of my association with Realty World of Northern California is the amount of technology and information they provide to me free.  Without their commitment to me and other Northern California Realty World broker’s and their associates, this blog site would not even exist.

To be perfectly candid, in a market such as this, and,  as a matter of fact, in any type of market,  it is pretty much an economic impossibility to have a website such as this one, pay for it myself, and still be able to subscribe to other online real estate tools that assist buyers, sellers, and others in the Lake Oroville real estate market and beyond, in quenching their thirst for information on market conditions, or in assisting them in determining the value of their Oroville, Chico, Paradise, or Yuba City home.  A simple comparison search of other agent’s personal websites, if they even have one, will bear me out on this.

The newest feature that I able to subscribe to is one that provides you the ability to do a FREE search for the status of properties in the foreclosure process. With just a couple clicks of your mouse you can search for, and request foreclosure information on, not just any Lake Oroville home, but of homes in the states of California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada that are facing foreclosure.  This new service is powered by ForeclosureRadar.com, which is the new leader in the gathering and disseminating of foreclosure information in the Western United States.

If you find a property about which you would like to know more, simply click on the link and complete the request form. The request form comes direct to my e-mail box and I can then provide the current status to you.  (Don’t worry, I am not going to spam you into oblivion with a bunch of worthless e-mails)

Accessing this free search service can be done by clicking the Foreclosure widget or the Foreclosure Search navigation link at the top of my site. Or click here to access the search screen.

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