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Time Flies- Another Week Behind Us

By: Mark Wisterman

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The preliminary market results are in for home sales in the Lake Oroville real estate for the most recent week.

I say preliminary because I discovered a bit of a glitch in how I have been reporting the weekly home sales numbers for the Oroville market. The week that I report on runs from Friday through Thursday of each week. What I discovered is that some agents are not getting their sales logged into our multiple listing service in time for me to pick them up for my weekly report causing an under reporting issue for Lake Oroville area home sales.  To correct this issue I will be revising the previous weekly Oroville home sales numbers at the time that I gather data on the recent weekly market numbers. I want you to have the most current and relevant data as you can possibly have and this new reporting standard will help with that.

Speaking of current and relevant numbers, I am making big change in this weekly report chart. Beginning with this report I am no longer providing data on the number of bank-owned Oroville homes for sale or the number of homes for sale in the Oroville market that are considered short sales. The reason for this is that the current level of these homes on the market is insignificant and they are no longer making a major impact on the market. I am still tracking the numbers but will no longer report them on this site.

In place of these numbers I have added something that I think, going forward, will provide more perspective on the market than the reporting of REO do. Continue reading

News Flash: More Completed Transactions To Report

By: Mark Wisterman

Congratulations to our agents who worked so hard to complete these transactions in the Lake Oroville real estate market. View the video for details.


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E-Newsletter Service Just Launched

I just signed up with this really cool new Newsletter service provided bt the National Association of REALTORS®. I will be using this service from time to time to bring important real estate topics to all of you in the Lake Oroville, Chico, Paradise, Yuba City, Marysville real estate markets and the real estate markets surrounding these areas. I would appreciate your feedback on this service as I always want to be bringing you the most pertinent real estate information available. Afterall, shouldn’t you have the most current information available to you as contemplate selling or buying a home?

Visit for more articles like this.


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Where Have I Heard THAT Before?

As part of my efforts to stay on the leading edge of real estate news, in order that I can keep all of you in the Lake Oroville housing market informed, I subscribe to a number on-line real estate new organizations who regularly communicate with me through e-mail with the latest and greatest real estate info.

In an artice that just arrived in today’s communication from Inman News, I thought I was experiencing Deja Vu all over again. In fact, some of it sounded so familiar that I started to rack my brain as to where I had heard this kind of thing before. I looked high and low and still no hint. I looked inside and outside. I looked everywhere in the entire Lake Oroville real estate market area. But no luck remembering where I had heard it before.

So now my dear readers, I turn to you for help. Here, excerpted in part, (Click Here to see entire article) is what I read from the article written by Glen Roberts, Jr., entitled ” A slow-motion real estate recovery”. Maybe you  can help me remember:

Mark Dotzour, chief economist for the Texas A&M Real Estate Center, said government stimuli have delayed recovery.

“We’re not in a ‘double dip’ in my mind,” said Dotzour — referring to some economists’ talk of a second dive into downturn after some signs of an economic rebound — “we just never hit bottom in the first place.”

The market essentially “fell off a cliff,” and the government’s “lifeline” of programs it throttled at the recession, among them the homebuyer tax credit programs, “Cash for Clunkers” auto program, loan mod programs and Federal Reserve’s purchase of Treasury debt, did not have the intended benefits.

The market “would have started coming back up to a year ago or so if we hadn’t had the federal intervention in the first place.”

The federal homebuyer tax credit programs appear to have been largely ineffective, essentially “stealing” sales forward that would have occurred at a later time. “We believe pretty strongly that we paid back every bit of that stimulus,” he said, with the slumping sales that followed expiration of the tax credits.

Hmm… where in the world have a I heard these type ideas before?????  Wait……………..yes………………… I’m starting to remember………….Here is what I had read in the past. Continue reading

Short Sale and Foreclosure Certified

Those of you who know me, whether you are a client, or another REALTOR®, or a friend, know that I take the business of negotiating and successfully completing real estate transactions very seriously. You also know that I do not believe for a moment, that just because someone may have a real estate license or calls themselves a REALTOR®, means that the particular someone is competent, or educated enough to properly represent their clients best interests. Let’s face it, it is way too easy to get a real estate license in this state.

It takes more than a license or the paying of dues to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR)  to acquire the proper level of competence to do the job. Above all else it takes education and the desire to stay informed of the latest trends, rules, laws, etc.

This is why I am SFR_cmykvery pleased to announce that each of my associates have thought it important enough to spend the time necessary to join me in completing the educational requirements set forth by NAR  in order to obtain our Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource Certification. This is the ONLY “distressed property” certification recognized by NAR. A certification that, at the time we received ours, had been attained by only 2,500 of the nearly 1 million REALTORS® nationwide.

Through the attainment of this certification we have gained valuable knowledge and have access to the resources necessary to counsel and better guide our clients through the foreclosure and short sale processes. In fact, (here comes the commercial), we are the only office in the Lake Oroville real estate market, and maybe the entire Butte County real estate market, where every associate in the office has earned the certification. Are we “experts” yet? Nope. But, knowing my associates as I do, we are going to be as close as you can possibly be as this market begins to move away from foreclosures and more into the short sale arena.

Oh, just a side note regarding “experts”  in this business. If someone calls themselves that, in most cases you should probably run away as fast as you can. Case in point-There is one REALTOR® in town that claimed in her advertising that she was a “Short Sale Expert” and yet had never, ever negotiated a short sale transaction of any kind.!!!!!!!!!!!



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