Video for Real Estate is Getting Easier To Do!

OK, I know that this is not the most well produced real estate video that any of you in the Oroville real estate markets, or the real estate markets of Paradise and Chico, CA. have ever seen.

Quite frankly I hadn’t even intended for this video to go beyond the eyes of my client. But, then I thought, “Aw, what the heck,”  I might as well let all of you see the how cool some of my latest and greatest technology is helping me help my customers. This video was shot and entirely produced entirely on my iPhone5 with a really awesome app that is actually still being beta tested.  The amazing thing is that it only took about 10 minutes to put it all together once the images were recorded on the phone.

I would be happy to provide this service to any of you out there in the real estate markets that I serve including the market for Oroville homes, Paradise homes and homes in Chico and Sutter and Yuba Counties.

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Introducing Mobile Connect

Seaching for homes in the Oroville real estate market, the Chico real estate market, and the Paradise real estate on your mobile device just got a lot easier and more convenient with the recent release of REALTY WORLD’s Mobile Connect home search program.

 This new platform allows buyers to obtain listing information, nearly instantly, on any residential property for sale in the area in which they are currently located by simply texting  as siImage representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...mple two letter code. There is even a QR code available for you iPhone and Android users.   No more searching through cumbersome apps like, Zillow and Trulia looking for a specific property that you are standing in front of trying to get updated information. And no more hassles when calling the phone number on a yard sign and getting hold of an agent that has no idea of what property you are asking about.

With this new system you get not only the information on the specific home you are texting for, but you also have the option of seeing the 5 other homes for sale that are closest to the home you are looking at. I have included a couple of links here that will provide further information on this awesome new system. The benefits to buyers and sellers alike are explained in the flyers.

To sign up for this program just give me a call or drop me an e-mail with your cell phone number and I will get you enrolled. As always there is NO CHARGE for this service and there is NEVER any abuse of your contact information. In fact, I will make you this promise: I will not ever call you about any home you inquire about through this system unless you ask me to.

Mobile Connect for Sellers

Mobile Connect For Buyers

Happy House Hunting!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is Your AgentNTouch?

You knew it wouldn’t be long before I made it easier for you to utilize your smart phone to access this blog site, search for properties in the Lake Oroville, Paradise  and Chico California real estate markets, and get the latest in interest rates and other real estate news and advice.

Today I am announcing the launch of my very own iPhone app that is now available for download at the App Store. With this highly sophisticated, but easy to use, app you now have not only my contact information in the palm of your hand but you can now access all the services of my blog site with just the touch of a button. No more addresses to remember and no more passwords to forget. This is just another investment I am making for you in order to provide a service, that nobody else in the Lake Oroville real estate market will,  in order to make current and relevant real estate information readily available to you.

See my current listings, check out my latest blog post, or even find my Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In pages. Spend as much, or a little time as your prefer because there is NO COST to you to download this App. Check back often, though because updates and come cool additions are coming soon.

And unlike many of today’s apps this app will be compatible with Blackberry and Droid users. Look for the rollout annoucement for these phones on the site sometime before Labor Day.

Download your app at the iTunes App store and search for AgentNTouch. After downloading, launch the app and in the Agent I.D. box enter 5303704691.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions. My goal is to always be an AgentNTouch.

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