News Flash: More Completed Transactions To Report

By: Mark Wisterman

Congratulations to our agents who worked so hard to complete these transactions in the Lake Oroville real estate market. View the video for details.


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Oroville Sales Numbers Just Released

Here are your weekly home sales numbers for the Lake Oroville real estate market for the week ending 8/25/2011.

We had a significant drop in the numbers across the board this week when compared to the unusually strong numbers of the previous week. The home that sold for over $600,000 in the previous week helped set up the negative numbers this week. To me, the biggest disappointment in this week’s numbers is the number of Oroville area homes sales that closed escrow. Only 5 this week coming off a count of 16 the previous week is somewhat disheartening.  But, as I say: “One week does not make a market.”

MLS Stats for Oroville Area  Week Ending Week Ending Weekly % 
  8/18/2011 8/25/2011 Change
# of Total Sales 16 5 -68.75%
# REO/Short Sales Sold (SS) 10 1 -90.00%
% Sales that are REO/SS 62.50% 20.00% -68.00%
Avg. List Price $175,786 $136,780 -22.19%
Avg. Sold Price $167,683 $127,600 -23.90%
Sold Price % of Listing Price 95.39% 93.29% 1.63%
Avg. Days On The Market 102 52 -49.02%
Total Sales Volume $2,682,930 $638,000 -76.22%
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Sales Report For The Week

Ok, I’m back on schedule with my weekly Lake Oroville real estate market report.

Only nine Oroville area property sales this week, however I do expect the numbers to improve over the next two weeks as those escrows that were opened as the original tax credit window of November 30th was closing, should be completed toward the end of the month and into the first week in December.

Of particular note in these numbers is that the number of properties listed for sale continues to decline and has hit a new low since I began reporting Oroville sales to you.

On the foreclsoure and short sale front, we continue to these properties selling at a rate that is far larger than the percentage of these on the market, which will, if nothing changes, make them harder and harder to find.


MLS Stats for Oroville Area Week Ending Week Ending Week Ending Weekly % 
  11/2/2009 11/9/2009 11/16/2009 Change
# of Total Sales 17 12 9 -25.00%
# REO/Short Sales Sold (SS) 11 5 7 40.00%
% Sales that are REO/SS 64.71% 41.67% 77.78% 86.67%
Avg. List Price $115,703 $108,633 $91,583 -15.70%
Avg. Sold Price $111,591 $103,150 $91,394 -11.40%
Sold Price % of Listing Price 96.45% 94.95% 99.79% 5.10%
Avg. Days On The Market 109 147 22 -85.03%
Total Sales Volume $1,897,050 $1,237,800 $822,550 -34.75%
# of Single Family Listings 343 341 339 -0.59%
# Foreclosed On Market 34 32 31 -3.13%
% of Foreclosed on Market 9.91% 9.38% 9.14% -2.55%
# Short Sales on Market 46 43 43 0.00%
% Short Sales on Market 13.41% 12.61% 12.68% 0.59%





Expanded Report

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