It Rained On Our Parade but…

Even a little rain on our Feather Fiesta Days parade could not keep the throngs of people away from the Lake Oroville real estate market for our annual week-long celebration of our hometown.

The Saturday before Mother’s Day is the tradition kick-off to the wealth of spring and summer activities that abound it the Lake Oroville real estate  area each year. There is so much to do around Oroville Ca and the surrounding areas this time of year that you would have to clone yourself to see it all. Luck for you, I will be posting videos like this one throughout this time of year so you can enjoy as much as you can of the Lake Oroville Ca area. I hope you enjoy the video.

Lake Oroville’s Christmas Spirit

As I said before: The Lake Oroville real estate market is certainly not short of it’s share of parades.

In case you missed it, or it was just too darned cold outside for you, here is a short video of the parade with only one small complaint. Can someone control the number of Santa Claus’s that are in the parade?  As one 4 year old girl put it. “There were 5 Santas in the parade and there is only supposed to be one Santa!”




Happy Flag Day

By: Mark Wisterman

There is always something going on in the Lake Oroville community this time of year.

This morning’s event was the annual Liberty Pole commemoration. I took some video of the event this morning but have not had time to edit into something “pretty.” When I am done I will post the full video on the “Celebrating Our Community” page of this website.

Enjoy what I have done so far!


Feather Fiesta Days is Coming Right Up

By: Mark Wisterman

It is time, once again, for everyone living in and visiting the Lake Oroville real estate market to take time out from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives to enjoy the community celebration know as Feather Fiesta Days.

With the centerpiece of the festivities being the 66th annual Fiesta Days Parade of May 11, 2013, the City traditionally turns out in huge numbers to partake of the many venues of entertainment that have become part of the fabric of our community.

Enjoy this short video of last year’s activities.




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