Are You Mortgage Ready?

The Home Buyer’s Guide to Getting Mortgage Ready

Don’t wait until you’re ready to move to start preparing financially to buy a home.

If you’re like the vast majority of home buyers in the Lake Oroville or Paradise or Chico real estate makets, you will choose to finance your purchase with a mortgage loan. By preparing in advance, you can avoid the common delays and roadblocks many buyers face when applying for a mortgage.

The requirements to secure a mortgage may seem overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. But I’ve outlined three simple steps to get you started on your path to homeownership.

Even current homeowners with a homes for sale in Oroville, Paradise or Chico,  it’s a good idea to prepare in advance so you don’t encounter any surprises along the way. Lending requirements have become more rigorous in recent years, and changes to your credit history, debt levels, job type and other factors could impact your chances of approval.

It’s never too early to start preparing to buy a home. Follow these three steps to begin laying the foundation for your future home purchase today!


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Design Trends To Watch in 2018


We frequently get questions from clients who are taking on decorating and remodeling projects and want to ensure their dollars are invested wisely.

Which looks will last for years to come, and which ones will feel dated quickly? What colors and styles are most popular among buyers in our area? How can I add the most value to my home?

So we’ve rounded up some of the hottest trends in home design to help guide you through the process. Whether you’ve planned a simple refresh or a full-scale renovation, making smart and informed design choices will help you maximize your return on investment … and minimize the chance of “remodeler’s remorse” down the road. Continue reading

Let Us Not Forget, Ever

There are absolutely no words to describe my feelings about this day. I remember waking up on that particular morning, 15 years ago, and turning on the TV, as I usually did then, to the Today Show and seeing one of the towers on fire.

The reports were that a plane had hit the tower. They did not at that time say what type of plane it was so I assumed that a small private plane had slammed into the building. Until, that is, after a few minutes of watching the news coverage, I saw the second plane come into view as it approached the second tower. A split second later a fireball erupted from the second tower.0911_big

Then the report came that another plane had hit the Pentagon. Moments later the South Tower collapsed, which was followed by a report that a plane had gone down in Pennsylvania. Directly on the heels of this, the North Tower collapsed.

All I could do was to stare helplessly at the TV, and say, “What the heck is going on.” It was, and still is, an unbelievable time in our country’s history. Events that would change us all forever. And not for the better I might add.

So today I ask you to pay tribute to not only those who have borne the brunt of this vicious, cold blooded attack on our fellow citizens, and the freedoms that make America the great country that it is, but also to those brave men and women who went off to war in far-away places to battle back against such barbaric behavior.

Let us NEVER forget this day, and always keep the victims,their families, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice to in defending this country  in our prayers.

I have listed the names of each of the victims here. The names below were those who were lost in the Twin Towers.

The list of victims is so overwhelmingly long that I could not fit them on to one page. Links to victims of the Pentagon, as well as the passengers of each of the aircraft are below.


Gordon M. Aamoth, Jr. Stephen Paul Lefkowitz
Edelmiro Abad Adriana Legro
Maria Rose Abad Edward Joseph Lehman
Andrew Anthony Abate Eric Andrew Lehrfeld
Vincent Abate David Leistman
Laurence Christopher Abel David Prudencio Lemagne
William F. Abrahamson Joseph Anthony Lenihan
Richard Anthony Aceto John Joseph Lennon, Jr.
Jesus Acevedo Rescand John Robinson Lenoir
Heinrich Bernhard Ackermann Jorge Luis Leon
Paul Acquaviva Matthew Gerard Leonard
Donald LaRoy Adams Michael Lepore
Patrick Adams Charles A. Lesperance
Shannon Lewis Adams Jeff Leveen
Stephen George Adams John Dennis Levi
Ignatius Udo Adanga Alisha Caren Levin
Christy A. Addamo Neil David Levin
Terence E. Adderley, Jr. Robert Levine
Sophia Buruwad Addo Robert Michael Levine
Lee Allan Adler Shai Levinhar
Daniel Thomas Afflitto Adam Jay Lewis
Emmanuel Akwasi Afuakwah Margaret Susan Lewis
Alok Agarwal Ye Wei Liang
Mukul Kumar Agarwala Orasri Liangthanasarn
Joseph Agnello Daniel F. Libretti
David Scott Agnes Ralph Licciardi
Brian G. Ahearn Edward Lichtschein
Jeremiah Joseph Ahern Steven Barry Lillianthal
Joanne Marie Ahladiotis Carlos R. Lillo
Shabbir Ahmed Craig Damian Lilore
Terrance Andre Aiken Arnold A. Lim
Godwin Ajala Darya Lin
Gertrude M. Alagero Wei Rong Lin
Andrew Alameno Nickie L. Lindo
Margaret Ann Alario Thomas V. Linehan, Jr.
Gary M. Albero Robert Thomas Linnane
Jon Leslie Albert Alan P. Linton, Jr.
Peter Alderman Diane Theresa Lipari
Jacquelyn Delaine Aldridge Kenneth Lira
David D. Alger Francisco Alberto Liriano
Sarah Ali-Escarcega Lorraine Lisi
Ernest Alikakos Paul Lisson
Edward L. Allegretto Vincent M. Litto
Eric Allen Ming-Hao Liu
Joseph Ryan Allen Nancy Liz
Richard Dennis Allen Harold Lizcano
Richard Lanard Allen Martin Lizzul
Christopher E. Allingham George A. Llanes
Janet M. Alonso Elizabeth C. Logler
Arturo Alva-Moreno Catherine Lisa Loguidice
Anthony Alvarado Jerome Robert Lohez
Antonio Javier Alvarez Michael William Lomax
Victoria Alvarez-Brito Laura Maria Longing
Telmo E. Alvear Salvatore Lopes
Cesar Amoranto Alviar Daniel Lopez
Tariq Amanullah George Lopez
Angelo Amaranto Luis Manuel Lopez
James M. Amato Joseph Amatuccio Manuel L. Lopez
Christopher Charles Amoroso Joseph Lostrangio
Kazuhiro Anai Chet Dek Louie
Calixto Anaya, Jr. Stuart Seid Louis
Joseph Anchundia Joseph Lovero
Kermit Charles Anderson Jenny Seu Kueng Low Wong
Yvette Constance Anderson Michael W. Lowe
John Andreacchio Garry W. Lozier
Michael Rourke Andrews John Peter Lozowsky
Jean Ann Andrucki Charles Peter Lucania
Siew-Nya Ang Edward Hobbs Luckett
Joseph Angelini, Jr. Mark Gavin Ludvigsen
Joseph Angelini, Sr. Lee Charles Ludwig
Laura Angilletta Sean Thomas Lugano
Doreen J. Angrisani Daniel Lugo
Lorraine Antigua Marie Lukas
Peter Paul Apollo William Lum, Jr.
Faustino Apostol, Jr. Michael P. Lunden
Frank Thomas Aquilino Christopher Lunder
Patrick Michael Aranyos Anthony Luparello
David Arce Gary Frederick Lutnick
Michael George Arczynski William Lutz
Louis Arena Linda Anne Luzzicone
Adam P. Arias Alexander Lygin
Michael Armstrong Farrell Peter Lynch
Jack Charles Aron James Francis Lynch
Joshua Aron Louise A. Lynch
Richard Avery Aronow Michael Cameron Lynch
Japhet Jesse Aryee Michael F. Lynch
Patrick Asante Michael Francis Lynch
Carl Asaro Richard D. Lynch, Jr.
Michael Asciak Robert Henry Lynch, Jr.
Michael Edward Asher Sean P. Lynch
Janice Marie Ashley Sean Patrick Lynch
Thomas J. Ashton Michael J. Lyons
Manuel O. Asitimbay Monica Anne Lyons
Gregg Arthur Atlas Patrick Lyons
Gerald T. Atwood Robert Francis Mace
James Audiffred Jan Maciejewski
Louis Frank Aversano, Jr. Catherine Fairfax Macrae
Ezra Aviles Richard Blaine Madden
Sandy Ayala Simon Maddison Noell Maerz
Arlene T. Babakitis Jennieann Maffeo
Eustace P. Bacchus Joseph Maffeo
John J. Badagliacca Jay Robert Magazine
Jane Ellen Baeszler Brian Magee
Robert J. Baierwalter Charles Wilson Magee
Andrew J. Bailey Joseph V. Maggitti
Brett T. Bailey Ronald Magnuson
Tatyana Bakalinskaya Daniel L. Maher
Michael S. Baksh Thomas Anthony Mahon
Sharon M. Balkcom William J. Mahoney
Michael Andrew Bane Joseph Daniel Maio
Katherine Bantis Takashi Makimoto
Gerard Baptiste Abdu Ali Malahi
Walter Baran Debora I. Maldonado
Gerard A. Barbara Myrna T. Maldonado-Agosto
Paul Vincent Barbaro Alfred Russell Maler
James William Barbella Gregory James Malone
Ivan Kyrillos F. Barbosa Edward Francis Maloney III
Victor Daniel Barbosa Joseph Maloney
Colleen Ann Barkow Gene Edward Maloy
David Michael Barkway Christian Maltby
Matthew Barnes Francisco Miguel Mancini
Sheila Patricia Barnes Joseph Mangano
Evan J. Baron Sara Elizabeth Manley
Renee Barrett-Arjune Debra Mannetta
Nathaly Barrios La Cruz Marion Victoria Manning
Arthur Thaddeus Barry Terence John Manning
Diane G. Barry James Maounis
Maurice Vincent Barry Joseph Ross Marchbanks, Jr.


Scott D. Bart Peter Edward Mardikian
Carlton W. Bartels Edward Joseph Mardovich
Guy Barzvi Charles Joseph Margiotta
Inna B. Basina Kenneth Joseph Marino
Alysia Basmajian Lester V. Marino
Kenneth William Basnicki Vita Marino
Steven Bates Kevin Marlo
Paul James Battaglia Jose Marrero
Walter David Bauer, Jr. John Marshall
Marlyn Capito Bautista James Martello
Jasper Baxter Michael A. Marti
Michele Beale Peter C. Martin
Paul Frederick Beatini William J. Martin, Jr.
Jane S. Beatty Brian E. Martineau
Lawrence Ira Beck Betsy Martinez
Manette Marie Beckles Edward Martinez
Carl John Bedigian Jose Angel Martinez, Jr.
Michael Earnest Beekman Robert Gabriel Martinez
Maria A. Behr Victor Martinez Pastrana
Yelena Belilovsky Lizie D. Martinez-Calderon
Nina Patrice Bell Paul Richard Martini
Debbie Bellows Joseph A. Mascali
Stephen Elliot Belson Bernard Mascarenhas
Paul M. Benedetti Stephen Frank Masi
Denise Lenore Benedetto Nicholas George Massa
Maria Bengochea Patricia Ann Massari
Bryan Craig Bennett Michael Massaroli
Eric L. Bennett Philip William Mastrandrea, Jr.
Oliver Duncan Bennett Rudolph Mastrocinque
Margaret L. Benson Joseph Mathai
Dominick J. Berardi Charles Mathers
James Patrick Berger William A. Mathesen
Steven Howard Berger Marcello Matricciano
John P. Bergin Margaret Elaine Mattic
Alvin Bergsohn Robert D. Mattson
Daniel Bergstein Walter Matuza
Michael J. Berkeley Charles A. Mauro, Jr.
Donna M. Bernaerts Charles J. Mauro
David W. Bernard Dorothy Mauro
William Bernstein Nancy T. Mauro
David M. Berray Tyrone May
David S. Berry Keithroy Marcellus Maynard
Joseph J. Berry Robert J. Mayo
William Reed Bethke Kathy Nancy Mazza
Timothy Betterly Edward Mazzella, Jr.
Edward Frank Beyea Jennifer Lynn Mazzotta
Paul Beyer Kaaria Mbaya
Anil Tahilram Bharvaney James Joseph McAlary
Bella J. Bhukhan Brian McAleese
Shimmy D. Biegeleisen Patricia Ann McAneney
Peter Alexander Bielfeld Colin Robert McArthur
William G. Biggart John Kevin McAvoy
Brian Bilcher Kenneth M. McBrayer
Carl Vincent Bini Brendan McCabe
Gary Eugene Bird Micheal McCabe
Joshua David Birnbaum Thomas McCann
George John Bishop Justin McCarthy
Jeffrey Donald Bittner Kevin M. McCarthy
Albert Balewa Blackman, Jr. Michael McCarthy
Christopher Joseph Blackwell Robert McCarthy
Susan Leigh Blair Stanley McCaskill
Harry Blanding, Jr. Katie Marie McCloskey
Janice Lee Blaney Joan McConnell-Cullinan
Craig Michael Blass Charles Austin McCrann
Rita Blau Tonyell F. McDay
Richard Middleton Blood, Jr. Matthew T. McDermott
Michael Andrew Boccardi Joseph P. McDonald
John P. Bocchi Brian Grady McDonnell
Michael Leopoldo Bocchino Michael P. McDonnell
Susan M. Bochino John McDowell, Jr.
Bruce D. Boehm Eamon J. McEneaney
Mary Catherine Boffa John Thomas McErlean, Jr.
Nicholas Andrew Bogdan Daniel Francis McGinley
Darren Christopher Bohan Mark Ryan McGinly
Lawrence Francis Boisseau William E. McGinn
Vincent M. Boland, Jr. Thomas Henry MCGinnis
Alan Bondarenko Michael Gregory McGinty
Andre Bonheur, Jr. Ann McGovern
Colin Arthur Bonnett Scott Martin McGovern
Frank Bonomo William McGovern
Yvonne Lucia Bonomo Stacey Sennas McGowan
Genieve Bonsignore, 3 Francis Noel McGuinn
Seaon Booker Patrick McGuire
Sherry Ann Bordeaux Thomas M. McHale
Krystine Bordenabe Keith McHeffey
Martin Boryczewski Ann M. McHugh
Richard Edward Bosco Denis J. McHugh III
John H. Boulton Dennis McHugh
Francisco Eligio Bourdier Michael E. McHugh
Thomas Harold Bowden, Jr. Robert G. McIlvaine
Kimberly S. Bowers Donald James McIntyre
Veronique Nicole Bowers Stephanie Marie McKenna
Larry Bowman Barry J. McKeon
Shawn Edward Bowman, Jr. Evelyn C. McKinnedy
Kevin L. Bowser Darryl Leron McKinney
Gary R. Box George Patrick McLaughlin, Jr.
Gennady Boyarsky Robert C. McLaughlin, Jr.
Pamela Boyce Gavin McMahon
Michael Boyle Robert D. McMahon
Alfred Braca Edmund McNally
Kevin Bracken Daniel W. McNeal
David Brian Brady Walter Arthur McNeil
Alexander Braginsky Jisley McNish
Nicholas W. Brandemarti Christine Sheila McNulty
Michelle Renee Bratton Sean Peter McNulty
Patrice Braut Robert McPadden
Lydia E. Bravo Terence A. McShane
Ronald Michael Breitweiser Timothy Patrick McSweeney
Edward A. Brennan III Martin E. McWilliams
Francis Henry Brennan Rocco A. Medaglia
Michael E. Brennan Abigail Cales Medina
Peter Brennan Ana Iris Medina
Thomas M. Brennan Deborah Louise Medwig
Daniel J. Brethel Damian Meehan
Gary Lee Bright William J. Meehan
Jonathan Briley Alok Mehta
Mark A. Brisman Raymond Meisenheimer
Paul Gary Bristow Manuel Emilio Mejia
Mark Francis Broderick Eskedar Melaku
Herman Charles Broghammer Antonio Melendez
Keith A. Broomfield Mary Melendez
Ethel Brown Janice Yelena Melnichenko
Juloise Brown Stuart Todd Meltzer
Lloyd Stanford Brown Diarelia Jovanah Mena
Patrick J. Brown Charles Mendez
Bettina Browne Lizette Mendoza
Mark Bruce Shevonne Olicia Mentis
Richard George Bruehert Steven Mercado

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It Rained On Our Parade but…

Even a little rain on our Feather Fiesta Days parade could not keep the throngs of people away from the Lake Oroville real estate market for our annual week-long celebration of our hometown.

The Saturday before Mother’s Day is the tradition kick-off to the wealth of spring and summer activities that abound it the Lake Oroville real estate  area each year. There is so much to do around Oroville Ca and the surrounding areas this time of year that you would have to clone yourself to see it all. Luck for you, I will be posting videos like this one throughout this time of year so you can enjoy as much as you can of the Lake Oroville Ca area. I hope you enjoy the video.

All About Them

By: Mark Wisterman

Throughout my relatively short period of time on this earth I have witnessed many things. Some good, some not so good. Some funny, far too many, tragic.

Photo Courtesy of

One of those not so good things I am reminded of on nearly a daily basis as I watch and read the news, or I observe  the overall behavior of our society in general, is the constant march toward the “it’s all about me” way of life. There is an incessant drive to care only about oneself and to heck with everything else.  I even see it at special times of the year like this when we have these national holidays. How often did you hear a response similar to this when you asked someone what they are doing for this Memorial Day weekend?: “Well, we are going to have some people over and have a Bar-B-Que and some beer and then maybe go out on the lake.” Or, ” We’re taking the family on a camping trip.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I think these are fine things to do on a Memorial Day weekend. My point is that there seems to be only talk of ourselves and very rarely a mention of THEM. After all, this holiday was given to us, not for us, but to honor them. It’s all about them.

Photo Courtesy of

It’s all about the over 1.3 million people who have given their lives in the formation and defense of this country. It is about nearly 1.5 million people who have been wounded in preserving our freedom, securing our rights as human beings, and the ability to exercise those rights without fear of persecution. It is their bravery and sacrifice that allow you to have that BBQ, to be able to say what you want and go where you want.  Would it be too much to ask, in light of the sacrifices made by so many, if, when asked what we are doing this Memorial Day weekend, part of answer includes something along the lines of : ” I am going to take some time to thank God for those paid the ultimate price so I can be free to do what I want this weekend.” Could it be that hard to drop the,  “all about me attitude” for one weekend a year and take a moment to remember those who died or were wounded in defense of your right to be that way? I certainly hope not. Please take a moment out of your busy schedules to remember not only those that have fallen or have been wounded in defending our freedoms but to also remember and pray for those who, this very minute, are putting their lives on the line, in some far away land, to do the same for us and for others.  Make this Memorial Day “All About Them.”

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