I Was Feeling Rather Down, Then This Happened!

I have a friend (believe it or not) in the Lake Oroville real estate market  that I spend time with who is great with “turning a phrase” to make me laugh.

In fact, we make each other laugh for almost the entire time we are together.  It was not too long ago (actually almost exactly one month ago today),  that I was dealing with bit of a stressful situation when he reminded me in a text message that “It is always darkest just before it goes totally black.”   Yes,  he thinks he is funny!!  But it did feel a little bit like he was right.


I am absolutely PROUD and EXCITED to announce today that Charity Berry, a life long resident of the Lake Oroville area real estate market has joined the REALTY WORLD-Best Realty family.

Before deciding to make real estate her new career, Charity had worked as an escrow officer at Mid Valley Title and Escrow. Having worked there since the age of 19, Charity’s experience and professionalism in the title & escrow side of the business now provides her Lake Oroville area real estate clients with a perspective that is very rare on the selling and/or buying side of the real estate business.

All of us in our office are extremely excited to have her as a new addition to our family. She began getting herself acquainted with her new surroundings yesterday and it makes the events of a month ago seem like a non-event; just another ho-hum day at the office. There is already a different, more positive feel around the office and I, for one, am feeling much more energetic and positive.

Will you all please welcome Charity to our team and wish her a wealth of success as she begins this new journey in her life.

3 thoughts on “I Was Feeling Rather Down, Then This Happened!”

  1. Lori D Rodgers

    Congratulations Charity. You will do amazing and we wish you well in your new career.
    Lori D Rodgers, Farmers Insurance Group – Oroville.

  2. Mark Wisterman

    Yes, Robin it is an exciting time.

  3. I am excited!!!!

    Robin Gentle Anderson
    Realty World – Best Realty
    530-518-1656 cell

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