My Latest Market Minute

By: Mark Wisterman

Here is the second installment of the newest feature that was recently added to this Lake Oroville real estate market blog.

I call this video feature “Mark’s Real Estate Minute (or 2). Why the “or 2?” Because I have quickly found that I talk to darned much and there is NO WAY that I will every be able to limit these spots to 1 minute!!!! The latest and greatest of these spots will always be on the sidebar of this site for easy access.

I will periodically produce these spots to provide my perspective and advice on a wide array of topics including those you may like to hear about. A lot of changes are once again taking place in the Oroville real estate market and I think it is absolutely essential that you have as much information about Oroville market conditions, as well as market conditions in the greater Butte County real estate market area.

As the old saying goes, “Information is Power.”  And this is exactly what I want to provide to you; the power to make the right decision regarding your real estate needs.  It is my hope that I can pack enough info into each one of these ‘minutes’ to make a difference.

To make this little corner of  this blog site work I am going to need your help. Please e-mail or text or IM me at my Facebook page with any questions or topics that you would like to have addressed.

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2 thoughts on “My Latest Market Minute”

  1. Mark Wisterman

    Thanks for the comments, Lori and thanks for taking the time from your busy day to visit my site. I will pass along the information and post it on My facebook business page too

  2. Lori D Rodgers

    Mark – home buyers are experiencing a challenge in getting home insurance due to the realignment of the Fire Scores, Brush Scores and Protection Class Changes. Our office can handle all types of risks. Tell your clients to shop their insurance and don’t take a decline of insurance coverage for anyone. We have alternatives and we love to quote.
    Call us any time if we can help you or your clients.
    Lori @ Farmers Insurance.

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