“How’s The Market?”

As a long time (17 years and counting) real estate professional in the Lake Oroville real estate market,  I cannot count the number of times that I have people approach me and ask, “How’s the market?”

In the early, and inexperienced, years of my career I got somewhat caught up in the answer that every real estate “salesperson” used: “Oh, it’s great. I have lots of transactions going, and I am really busy!!” As I matured in the business (or just got too old tForeclosure Filings-95965o hype things anymore), I realized that the pat answer that everyone else was giving was not what inquiring minds wanted to know. People  wanted to know what market conditions really were. Not some pie-in-the-sky, feel good answer. Problem was, back in 1994,  there was no easy way (remember, Al Gore was just inventing the Internet in those days) to gather the data necessary to actually provide any reliable and timely reporting aboutOroville real estate market conditions.

Wow, how times have changed….or have they? I still hear people asking about the market and I still hear nearly all the real estate sales people using the same cliche’d responses. What  I have strived to do on this blog site over the past 2 years is to provide an opportunity for you to see for yourself  how the market is doing, in an unbiased, straightforward approach. Letting you see the stats for yourself.   The leaps and bounds that technology has taken now makes it possible for you to avoid the “opinions” about the market and allows you to draw your own conclusions. Afterall, the market is not driven by opinions, it is driven by the numbers.

My latest tool, that I am making available to you, is data that shows the latest and greatest information about the Oroville foreclosure market. The charts included in this posting show the trend of foreclosure filings over the past year for the Oroville real estate market areas of  zip codes 95965 and 95966, but I am also able to provide Foreclosure Filings-95966more indepth charts as I expand my foreclosure reporting to you.

I am holding myself back from giving my take on what these two charts might be telling us, because I would like to hear from youabout what you think. Click the comment button at the top of this post to chime in.

If you would like a bigger view of these charts, simply CLICK HERE or on one of the charts.

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One thought on ““How’s The Market?””

  1. Mark Wisterman

    Thanks for the comment Josh. It has no doubt been a roller coaster of foreclosure activity with regards to both of these charts. What I think is interesting is that the end point of the chart is lower than the starting point of the chart. With all the volitility it is hard to know if this downward trend will continue. With the end of the homebuyer tax credits, and a lot of the robo signing controversy behind us, it will be interesting to see how things look in a couple months. I urge all of you to place more emphasis on the trend rather than the month-to-month gyrations when looking at these Lake Oroville real estate market stats.

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