City Council Candidates Face-Off (Sort of)

 Voters in the Lake Oroville real estate market turned out at Municipal Auditoriumlast evening to get a first hand view of the candidates running for the positions of City Council member and Mayor of Oroville.

Although I do not reside within the city limits of  Oroville , and am unable to vote in the election, as the owner of business located within the boundaries of the city I felt it important to attend the Oroville Forum of Candidates, moderated by my good friend Jim Moll, to get an idea of what to expect from the soon to be elected council persons.

Unfortunately, the format and time constraints under which the forum was conducted did not provide much of a window into the “political souls” of the candidates.  With the video cameras rolling

 for future broadcast on our local public television station the candidates struggled to respond, within the time allotted,  to journalists questions about the future of our fine city. 

Audience members heard opinions regarding issues as diverse as the candidates themselves. From annexation and the challenges of infrastructure repair, to solutions on how to make City Hall more business friendly, each of the participants did their best to prove that they deserve the votes of those in attendance.

If you missed the event, it will soon be  available on our local public television station for all to see. If you were not in attendance and you either live or work in the city limits of the Lake Oroville real estate market, I urge you to view the forum and decide for yourself who you think is best suited to move this city into the future.

I have included a link to the pamphlet that was handed out at the forum last night which contain a short message from each of the candidates. Please read it and be sure that you are an informed voter before heading to the polls on November 2nd.

Candidate Pamphlet

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